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Bundled CPD courses for CySEC certification holders are now available

If you are a professional holding a CySEC certification such as the CySEC Advanced, Basic, or AML certificate, then you are required to meet a minimum number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) units per year.

Since 2020, we have been working with industry-leading experts to deliver the highest quality online courses aimed at professionals working at Cyprus Investment Firms and other CySEC regulated entities. As our instructor team of experts continues to grow, we will be expanding our catalogue of courses to other domains and specialties – learn about becoming an expert instructor and teaching through the Institute.

Bundled CPD courses for CySEC certification holders

After popular demand by our loyal learners, we are pleased to finally announce we have now developed bundled CPD courses. These bundled CPD courses are made up of 2-4 individual CPD courses that a professional can purchase at the same time, as a single product.

We have put together a range of bundles which can be found on our CPD courses catalogue here. Each bundle has been crafted to by our Education team in cooperation with our expert instructors to cater to the different possible roles and job functions a CySEC certification holder may have.

For example, we have created bundles for Executive Directors and AML Compliance Officers who have a lot of responsibilities and must ensure their knowledge of the latest regulatory developments remains up to date.

In addition to the above job roles, we also have CPD bundles for:

  • CySEC Customer Support professionals
  • CySEC Back Office professionals
  • Compliance professionals at CySEC regulated entities
  • Dealers at CySEC regulated entities
  • Risk managers at CySEC regulated entities

It is important to note that ICPAC accountants and CBA lawyers based on Cyprus can also hold a CySEC certification. Hence, ICPAC accountants and CBA lawyers and any other professional holding a CySEC certification must meet the minimum CPD requirements to maintain the validity of their certification – read about the CySEC minimum CPD requirements here.

Each CPD course bundle includes:

  • 2-4 CPD courses
  • 10-20 CPD units
  • PDF self-study material
  • video recordings from our instructors
  • test questions at the end of each CPD course 

  • certificates of completion at the end of each CPD course

Browse our entire CPD bundles and courses catalogues here.

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