IforPE Team

In times of uncertainty, invest in knowledge

No other time is better and nothing else makes more sense. 

It is almost a cliché. Praising knowledge when things are gloomy, when the crisis is before us.

However it is so, because rarely and very few, do the obvious. Look around and you will see people, looking at other people for answers. This is not how it is supposed to work and this is not how it is will work.

Investing in knowledge today is not going to make you knowledgeable tomorrow, yet it will plant the seed of you becoming more knowledgeable than yesterday and that is the only measure of comparison.

Investing in knowledge today will not reveal the answers to any crisis immediately, yet it will equip you to think and act through. One unexpected turn at a time.

Investing in knowledge today is something we should all do, for tomorrow is coming and we deserve more. Invest in knowledge as no other time is better suited and really, nothing else makes more sense.