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Registration renewal in the CySEC Certification Registers for 2023

Earlier this week, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) announced that certified persons registered in the CySEC Certification Registers will be able to renew their 2023 registration from the 1st of January until the 28th of February.

The team at the Institute wishes to inform you that the renewal will be performed online through the CySEC website, and the annual renewal fee equals to €80 per registration. During the process, Certified Persons must confirm that they have completed the required Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours by the end of 2022. The CPD requirements are as follows:

  • 10 hours for persons holding the CySEC Basic Certification
  • 15 hours for persons holding the CySEC Advanced Certification
  • 10 hours for persons holding the CySEC Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Certification
  • 15 hours for persons holding both the CySEC Basic and the AML Certifications 
  • 20 hours for persons holding both the CySEC Advanced and the AML Certifications

Persons that have registered for the first time during 2022 are not required to complete any CPD hours to be eligible for the renewal of their registration.

In case any Certified Person does not renew their registration for 2023 then they will be automatically deregistered from the Certification Registers. In such case, the Certified Person can re-register within 12 months from the deadline of the renewal period, until the 28th of February 2024 with a re-registration fee of €280.

If you are a Certified Person and you have not completed your CPD requirements for 2022, here at the Institute for Professional Excellence (IforPE) we offer a variety of self-study CPD courses for you to complete at your own time and pace.

The material of our courses is provided both in PDF slides and online video recordings offering the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever. At the end of each course, learners are given the opportunity to test their acquired knowledge by undertaking test questions relevant to the material covered and acquire their certificate of completion.

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