IforPe Team

The most complete online course for AML preparation

We are excited to announce the launch of the most complete AML preparation course for the CySEC certification on the Institute for Professional Excellence (IforPE) is now open to the general public.
Over the past few weeks the team at SALVUS Funds prepared the course and chose to selectively launch it to a chosen audience. Following the positive feedback, today they launch, for everyone interested in CySEC’s AML Certification. The course comes along with a certificate and the launch is accompanied by a limited time proportional offer, code #StayAhead.
SALVUS Funds put together the Complete Preparation for the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Certification by CySEC at 320 EUR (plus 60 EUR VAT).
It includes:
  • Self-study material,
  • + test questions at the end of each section,
  • + 2 mock examinations simulating the actual exam by CySEC,
  • + 3-day Live workshop,
  • + 1-on-1 coaching,
  • + Digital and Physical Certificate of 15 hours of    Continuous Professional Development (CPDs).

IforPE offers cutting edge user interface and features The partnership with IforPE, allowed SALVUS Funds to use our cutting edge technology in the field of online learning where professionals can:
  • View their self-study notes in their order of preference,
  • They track their progress of completion,
  • They can answer test questions per chapter,
  • They can take mock exams,
  •  Interact with us.
We wish the team at SALVUS Funds all the best in the launch of their course using our platform and look forward to so many more courses being launched through IforPE.

#AncoraImparo #2 #StayAhead