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What is the Institute for Professional Excellence?

The Institute for Professional Excellence (IforPE) is a premium educational services provider established to educate, train, and develop professionals.

Our platform has been uniquely designed to help professionals achieve their goals by offering high-quality courses that are internationally recognized.

What is our motto?

Our motto – professionals for professionals – means that all of our courses will forever be delivered by actual practitioners who are experts in their fields. Professionals can invest in acquiring new skills or building upon existing competencies, always learning from the industries' most respected experts.

How do we deliver a premium educational experience?

As mentioned above, we provide a platform to deliver a premium educational experience. This entails a variety of elements that modern professionals can utilise to help develop their careers and achieve their goals.

The Institute uses the latest academic methods available to educate professionals. Think interactive videos, eBooks, slides, podcasts, questionnaires, built-in mock exams simulating real-like certification examinations from internationally recognized authorities.

Who is IforPE for?

In essence, the Institute for Professional Excellence is an academic institute for professionals. Whether you are interested in learning new skills, honing existing competencies, or are simply passionate about sharing knowledge and expertise, the Institute is for you.

Additionally, IforPE also gears towards aspiring professionals who want to start their career. Surrounding yourself with established professionals who are eager to further develop their careers can be a rewarding environment to be in. Undertaking professional courses will consequently expose an aspiring professional to an environment that can teach more than just hard skills.

Hence, our live-online workshops and self-study courses cater to the needs of aspiring professionals too. Moreover, the Institute also tailors towards professionals who would like to develop courses geared towards their specialisations. In this way, IforPE is not only for professionals obtaining an educational experience, but also for professionals who wish to educate, train, and develop other professionals by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Hence our motto – professionals for professionals.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide a premium educational experience through our platform, tailoring to the needs of professionals by offering the most comprehensive and value for money courses on the market.

What courses does the Institute offer?

At IforPE, we offer highly-specialised courses regarding the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulatory framework. CySEC is the national competent authority (NCA) in Cyprus that supervises and regulates all investment and ancillary services undertaken from the European island.

Additionally, through our partnership with SALVUS Funds, a boutique advisory in Europe, we provide the infrastructure for the Education team at SALVUS Funds to educate, train, and develop financial and investment services professionals. Currently, we offer more than 15 courses that relate to the regulatory framework instilled by CySEC.

Our CySEC professional courses range from Continuous Professional Development (CPD) specific courses, to the most complete CySEC Advanced, Basic, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) courses, to offering multiple mock examinations covering the curriculums of the Cypriot regulator. We also offer free mock examinations for professionals wanting to get a flavour of how our platform operates. In addition, all our mock examinations simulate the real conditions of the CySEC examinations.

Further, our The Most CompleteTM series of courses comprehensively entail the CySEC Advanced, Basic and AML certification examinations. All three courses contain the most up-to-date preparation material with the curriculum’s latest updates. Moreover, they contain:

  • Recordings of the live workshops
  • Self-study material
  • Test questions at the end of each session
  • 2-4 mock examinations simulating the real exam
  • 1-on-1 support by SALVUS Funds
  • Certification of attendance (for CPD acknowledgement)

Undertaking a course from The Most CompleteTM series ensures professionals studying for the CySEC examinations have the necessary resources to successfully pass the exam and become a Certified Person in the CySEC Public Register.

Our current range of courses are geared towards professionals operating in and around investment firms such as Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF), investment funds such as Alternative Investment Funds and Managers (AIF & AIFM), Electronic Money Institutions (EMI), Crypto-Asset Services Providers (CASP), and other similar regulated entity structures in Cyprus.

Find all our courses here.

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