Richard Andersone, BCA

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Richard Andersone BCA is an award-winning instructor with Public Speaking, Leadership, Risk & Compliance experience among other skills within major FTSE100 companies in the UK.

He has also served as a Non-Executive Director for FCE and formerly appointed Co-Chair on a government board whilst mentoring the leading FTSE100 directors.

With over 15 years of experience in leadership positions, 8 years within the financial services sector, and having led over 10,000 students in over 117 countries with best-selling courses, Richard has established himself as a leader in his field.

Using his unique set of skills and experience, Richard teaches professionals about workplace skills including, Leadership, Public Speaking, Productivity and more through IforPE.
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Professional Development (PD) courses

Professional Development is key to helping professionals learn new skills throughout their career journey. Although each career path may require a different set of skills, the process of acquiring new knowledge remains of utmost importance for every profession. Hence, by developing professionally throughout a career, professionals are able to continuously refine their skillset, grow, and achieve their career goals.

Richard develops courses using his own unique set of skills and experiences to help professionals perform with competence in their workplace. Furthermore, professionals undertaking Richard's courses will develop key skills that will help them level up in their careers. Leadership, public speaking, and productivity are at the core of what Richard teaches to his learners.

All of Richard's Professional Development courses are suited for self-paced learning, ideal for professionals to study at their own time and pace. By completing a course, learners become eligible to claim a Certificate of Completion.

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