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Online CPD courses for CySEC, ICPAC, and CBA professionals in 2023

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a requirement many professional bodies including CySEC*, ICPAC*, and CBA* mandate from their certified members to complete on an annual basis. Professionals of such associations will risk losing their status as certified members if they do not comply with the annual CPD requirements set forth.

*Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission – CySEC
*Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus – ICPAC
*Cyprus Bar Association – CBA

So, what is CPD exactly?

CPD can be best described as the ongoing process of learning and developing within a profession. The role of CPD should not be underestimated, as it is essential for the professional development of an individual within their profession. In a previously authored blog post, our team at IforPE dives deep into the significance of CPD and how professionals can benefit from it.

Professionals required to complete annual CPD units

Members certified by CySEC, ICPAC, and CBA operating within the financial industry in Cyprus are required to obtain a certain number of CPD units on an annual basis in order to maintain their accreditation statuses.

CySEC, ICPAC and CBA professionals that undertake CPD units on an annual basis ensure their knowledge and skills remain up to par with the latest regulatory developments. This is essential as it ensures such professionals are able to provide the most accurate and best service within their domain and to their clients.

Annual CPD requirements for CySEC Certified Persons

Professionals that hold a CySEC Advanced, Basic or AML certification have a different number of minimum CPD units they must obtain annually to keep the validity of their certification.

We outline these minimum requirements below:

Certification type CySEC Advanced  CySEC Basic CySEC AML
Number of annual CPD units required  15 10 10

  • CySEC Advanced and AML certification holders must complete a total of 20 CPD units.
  • CySEC Basic and AML certification holders must complete a total of 15 CPD units.

The Institute's resources to help CySEC Certified Persons obtain their annual CPD requirements 

At the Institute, our mission is to help equip professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to progress in their careers and achieve their career goals. With this in mind, we partner with brands and professionals who are experts in their fields to develop online courses to educate ambitious and goal-oriented professionals.

SALVUS Funds is a brand we have been working with since 2020, to deliver high-quality educational courses relating to the investment services sector. SALVUS Funds’ courses cater to the various national and European regulatory frameworks including AML, MiFID, MiCA to name a few.

As part of our collaboration with SALVUS, we work with their:

Managing Director – Nikolas Xenofontos

Risk & Compliance Director – Evdokia Pitsillidou

Senior Regulatory Compliance Associate – Despoina Charalampous

In addition, to the instructor above from SALVUS Funds, we also work with:

Eliana Hadjimichael; a Senior Customer Support Specialist.

Browse our entire CPD courses catalogue here.

All of our CPD courses are available 24/7 online through our platform and include:

  • PDF self-study material
  • Video recordings of the PDF material
  • Practical examples
  • Test questions
  • Certificate of CPD units

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