CySEC Compliant Customer Support: Communication, Complaints & AML

A self-study course, providing Customer Support (CS) agents knowledge of their duties and the important functions of the Customer Support department in the financial industry as per CySEC Directives. The course covers compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulatory framework, how CS professionals can detect suspicious activities, and provides practical examples for effectively handling communications with customers. Notably, it includes in-depth coverage of CySEC Circulars C338 & C181, enhancing CS professionals' knowledge of specific regulatory requirements.

The course is suited and recommended for the annual Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements of Customer Support professionals working at Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF), Crypto-Asset Services Providers (CASP), and other CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) regulated entities.
This course includes:
  • online video recordings
  • self-study material
  • practical examples
  • test questions
  • certification of 5 hours of CPD

Eliana Hadjimichael

Senior Customer Service Specialist

Online self-study


5 hours of CPD



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Eliana Hadjimichael

Senior Customer Service Specialist

Eliana is a Senior Customer Service Specialist at a leading online broker. Using her unique set of soft and hard skills, she educates professionals on how to provide the best customer service experience, whilst ensuring compliance with the CySEC regulatory framework and meeting company objectives.

  • CySEC Advanced Certified Person
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree holder

what is the CySEC Compliant Customer Support: Communication, Complaints & AML course what are the learning outcomes?

The CySEC Compliant Customer Support: Communication, Complaints & AML course has been developed by Eliana Hadjimichael, a Senior Customer Service Specialist, to educate professionals about the important functions of a Customer Support Department in the investment services industry. It also teaches professionals how to comply with the CySEC regulatory framework whilst providing an above and beyond customer experience. 

Being one of the most important functions of a CySEC regulated entity, Customer Support is considered the face of the Company, and has direct contact with clients daily. This self-study course discusses the knowledge and competence that Customer Support agents need to have to efficiently serve clients in the investment services industry, inspire transparency, and gain trust. This course shows how Customer Support agents can build authentic relationships with clients while maintaining professionalism. Hence, the course elaborates on the responsibilities that Customer Support has on AML regulations and the crucial role that the department plays in Complaints handling. Finally, the self-study course includes practical examples of how to provide information to clients efficiently and maintain a strong compliance culture.

Professionals who complete this course will attain essential knowledge of the important role that Customer Support plays and will gain competencies to enhance the procedures and policies to effectively communicate information to clients regarding financial products, regulations, and procedures.  

The completion of this course counts towards the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) annual requirements of the CySEC Advanced and Basic certifications.

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